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20533E: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

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Introduction to Azure

  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • Overview of Azure
  • Managing Azure with Azure portal
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Managing Azure with Azure CLI
  • Overview of Azure deployment models
  • Managing and monitoring Azure resourses

Implementing and Managing Azure networking

  • Overview of Azure networking
  • Implementing and managing virtual networks
  • Configuring an Azure Virtual network
  • Configuring virtual network connectivity
  • Overview o Azure classic networking

Implementing Virtual Machines

  • Overview o Azure VMs
  • Planning deployment of Azure VMs
  • Deploying Azure VMs
  • Overview of classic Azure VMs

Managing Azure VMs

  • Configuring Azure VMs
  • Managing disks of Azure VMs
  • Managing and monitoring Azure VMs
  • Managing classic Azure VMs

Implementing Azure App Service

  • Introduction to App Service
  • Planning App deployment in app Service
  • Implementing and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Implementing mobile apps
  • Implementing Traffic Manager

Planning and Implementing storage, backup, recovery services

  • Planning Storage
  • Implementing and Managing Azure Storage
  • Implementing Azure CDNs
  • Implementing Azure Backup
  • Planning and implementing Azure Site Recovery

Implementing containers in Azure

  • Implementing Windows and Linux containers in Azure
  • Managing and maintaining Azure Cloud Services

Implementing Azure Cloud Services

  • Planning and deploying Azure Cloud Services
  • Managing and maintaining Azure Cloud Services

Implementing Azure Active Directory

  • Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
  • Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium

Managing an AD infrastructure in a hybrid environment

  • Extending an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure IaaS
  • Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
  • Implementing SSO in hybrid scenarios

Implementing Azure-based management and automation

  • Implementing OMS
  • Implementing Azure Automation
  • Implementing Automation runbooks
  • Implementing Azure Automation-based management